Commercial with automatic sliding doors

Our range of Premier Commercial passenger lifts cater for all situations. We can offer smaller refurbishment options, right up to larger heavy-duty goods-type lifts and everything in between.

Our Commercial solutions are perfect for offices, rental spaces, apartments, schools and other public buildings, with load ratings from 300kg up to 4000kg, and speed options ranging from 0.30m/s to 1.6m/s there is an option available for everyone.

The European-designed lift Control System is reliable, efficient and easy to install. It allows our lifts to operate smoothly, quietly and stop gently at each floor level. As standard, all our lifts come with automatic battery backup in case of power failure, hands free emergency telephone unit sited within car button panel, LED car lighting and car light timer to save power. We also offer a range of lift car finishes, lighting options and push buttons choices.

Please contact us with your requirements and details or if you require a product catalogue, using our Contact Us page.

MRL electric traction lifts, BCA E3.6 compliant lifts

Enviro Trend Machine Roomless Lifts – MRL

ImproLift Classic ​Swing Door Lifts

ImproLift Plus Auto Sliding Door Lifts


Select either ‘IMPROLIFT PLUS’ or ‘IMPROLIFT CLASSIC’. These Lifts have been installed in Commercial Properties in Compliance with the BCA E3.6 for disability access.