Service Lifts

Service Lifts, small and large for all your dumbwaiter and goods lift needs

We install and maintain units designed and manufactured by Metallschneider SKG

German designed and engineered service lifts/dumbwaiters available in 3 designs.

  • ISO-A with vertical bi-parting doors at bench height,
  • ISO-C also with vertical doors but loading at floor level, and
  • ISO-D with hinged doors and floor level loading

We also install and maintain GLE ProButler Service Lifts which are built and installed in full accordance with EN 81-3:2000+A1:2008.

  • Fast and easy installation: assembly, inspection and start-up take no more than a few working days for a qualified technician.
  • Supplied pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested, reducing installation times.
  • Single, through or adjacent openings.